Adoption Request Form

Save time during your next adoption request appointment. Complete your required forms online from any device at any time before your visit.

Adoption Request Form

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible so we can get to know you and your pets before your visit.

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Household Information

We will require written consent from landlord that pets are allowed.

Pet History

(If you are currently a client of Fremont Animal Hospital you do not need to complete this section.)

List all animal(s) you own or have previously owned in the past 5 years

Thank you for your interest in adopting a pet. It is our intention to ensure that all animals in our care are given loving and responsible homes. We want to make matches that will last a lifetime.
By signing below I hereby submit that the information provided by me is true. Any false information may result in my losing the privilege of adopting a pet.
I understand that Fremont Animal Hospital has the right to deny my request to adopt an animal and that this request must be completed and approved by Fremont Animal Hospital before an adoption will be considered.
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